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Consequence Analysis on Energy Carriers

This pre-study will establish wether it is possible to develop a decision tool for shipowners in which the different choices of technologies are mapped out with market matureness, availability, costs and expected development will be assessed.

The aim is to help shipowners in their process on deciding for rebuilds and newbuilds.

Here we want to look at the possibility of collecting the data and analysis that currently exist for development scenarios of construction, operation, maintenance and tax costs to see if it is possible to set up a tool that can support the shipping companies during their decisions is above - and in this way can accelerate the process and get green newbuilding and retrofitting.

Such a tool must look at the vessel's operating profile and main parameters, and further look at risks linked to, for example, the cost of new construction, various development scenarios for the price and availability of energy carriers, maintenance costs, second-hand value, CO2 tax developments, etc.

Furthermore, the project must propose:
- Which platform should such a tool run on?
- What data collection will be required?
- Which risk scenarios are natural to use?


Knut Tore Aurdal