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Export Pilot

Local market competence abroad

Together with NCE Maritime Cleantech, the GCE Blue Maritime cluster has suggested to the National Export Council a pilot to test out how local maritime advisers with a substantial market network can assist Norwegian SMEs to penetrate the markets faster and more precisely.


Local Presence

If we were to have local experts on the ground, assisting Norwegian SMEs by pointing out relevant projects, connecting them with the right decision makers for their exact solution or product, booking meetings and making sure the SME has a fast track to the right customer - wouldn't this also increase our overall export?

The clusters have suggested to establish a few pilot offices with specially recruited professionals covering their part of the market based on their area of expertise.


Gate Opener

Some of the most advanced technical solutions from Norway depends on the local authorities opening up for this technology, adapting their legislation or investing in a suitable infrastructure. The local maritime expert will have a wide network within both the public sector and the maritime industry, and will initiate the processes needed in order to pave way for the new green solutions from Norway.


The Market Scout

In addition to assisting SMEs one on one and opening new markets locally, our local presence will also be conveying market opportunities to the Norwegian clusters for the SMEs to act on them, set up project conferences and make sure the companies meet the right decision makers.


Project Assistant

Ole Einar Olsen Rognes