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Increase Export by 50%

How will such an increase effect the maritime businesses?

Funded by Møre & Romsdal County Authority

This pre-study will look at the work that has already been done in various reports and recommendations and compare these to today's market up to 2030 in order to highlight specific areas of focus for the companies in the maritime cluster. Furthermore, one must map out the companies' own ambitions for export work going forward, as well as what will be required of the companies to increase their exports by 50%.

The study will also propose concrete activities and/or export projects for the period 2023-2025 that should be carried out in order to meet the challenge from the government.

Expected results and impact targets

  • Focus areas of export for the companies in the maritime cluster.
  • Concrete activities/projects for the next 2 years that will increase exports from the cluster.
  • 3rd country customs barriers and best practice on how to handle them.

Our exports are estimated at NOK 25 billion (Menon 2021). An increase of 50% would correspond to an increase in export share of NOK 12.5 billion.

Our goal is to initiate at least 10 of the cluster companies with specific export projects that will increase their export turnover by 50% by 2030.
Secondarily, the work must be able to be used by the cluster for its own export work.

Project Assistant

Ole Einar Olsen Rognes

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Project Assistant

Ingrid Lien