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Mapping of Main Energy Consumers

A full overview of the energy consumption in ships is an important tool in order to reduce the need for energy.

In 2022, GCE Blue Maritime carried out a feasibility study in which the need for a joint encyclopedia for energy consumption on the most important vessel types in the cluster was identified.

Here it was concluded that the cluster's members were positive about the measure, but that the willingness to share detailed data was not as great as had been assumed. Furthermore, due to the large internal differences in the different vessel types (considering the vessels' sizes and operating profiles), it was seen that the cost-benefit effect of such a survey was too small. Consequently, it was decided not to proceed with the original issue.
What emerged in this study, on the other hand, was that several of the companies called for a lack of comprehensive factual basis at a more general level, when it comes to the relationship between energy used on board for propulsion, for operations and for hotel operations.
This preliminary project will therefore work to map this factual basis for each of the most important ship types in the cluster. For example, this could be the following groupings (not intended as an exhaustive list):

Energy: Platform Supply (PSVs), Anchor Handling (AHTS), Larger Construction and Subsea Vessels (OSCV), Cable Laying Vessels (CLV) and Wind Service Vessels (SOV/CSOV)
Fisheries and Aquaculture: Factory trawlers, Line boats, Ringnet purse seiners and well boats
Passengers: Expedition Cruises, Ferries

Based on existing standards/methodology for energy categorization, the project will assess which standards are best suited to build on.

Our general starting point will be to divide energy consumers into the following categories:
• Propulsion
• Operation
• Hotels

Such a factual basis will in itself be an important decision-making basis/benchmarking for further, more detailed projects with the various equipment suppliers in the group, particularly on the operation/hotel side of ship projects.

This competence base will further and be able to form the basis for new innovation projects. In addition to being a direct starting point for more detailed studies within each vessel group, one can also envisage innovation projects that look at the human impact surrounding operations on the various ship types.

For more information, please contact:

Knut Tore Aurdal
Head of Projects 
Mobile: +47 48 10 66 76