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Study of Onboard Energy Consumption in Vessels

SOECiV will map the realities around a ship's energy needs and visualize all areas of the ship's operation and production that need attention within R & D, in order to be able to develop complete low- and zero-emission vessels. The hypothesis is that alternative energy carriers will not be enough to operate ocean-going vessels, but we must also conduct extensive R & D innovations in other areas of the ship as well.

The project is based on the very rapid development in green technologies, which is important for the emergence of innovative businesses and for potential users in the cluster's markets, as well as the great export potential this has.

By increasing the cluster's knowledge of energy consumption in ships, we will be able to accelerate the development of new, green, maritime solutions.

Photo: IP Huse

Effects & Results

The SOECiV findings of the study will be shared with the cluster and in a publication from the GCE Blue Maritime Cluster, and will be free to use by us all. The study will lay the foundation for the work in connection with the New Blue Deal strategy for the cluster, and contribute to increased focus on other areas in the ship that also need attention in the R & D/innovation work to achieve low and zero emission for deep sea vessels.

The expected industry effect will also be that the Norwegian maritime environment is the center for the development of advanced and complex vessels - this time with green technologies for reduced emissions.

Project Manager: 

Ole-Johhny Ødegaard
GCE Blue Maritime Cluster
TEL: +47 915 81 810
EMAIL: ole-johhny.odegaard@aakp.no