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National Export Council

Maritime Work Group

Increasing the maritime export of new and green maritime solutions.

The National Export Council is working on Norway's strategy on increasing the land-based export (excl. oil and gas) by 50% till 2030. 

So far, two markets has been singeled out: 

  • Ocean wind energy
  • New greener maritime solutions

For the latter, a work group consisting of professionals from the industry, the business associations, unions, governmental bodies and others, has been establish to advise the council on a strategy outline.

GCE Blue Maritime has been represented in this workgroup by our CEO Daniel Garden. Leading the process, ÅKP's Heidi Nakken has been hired by the council, and her report was delivered to the Export Council late 2022.


In the work on how Norway can achieve 50 percent growth in exports until 2030, the board of the then-named Export Strategy Council wanted to get recommendations from the maritime industry. Along the way, the Export Strategy Council has become the National Export Council.

Maritime Industry Association in Norwegian Industry was commissioned to put together a working group representing the industry, and answer the following from the maritime industry's point of view:

What is needed in order to:

  • sell more abroad?
  • increase exports from the maritime industry by 50 per cent?
  • our competitive advantages can contribute to more and greener maritime exports?

The mandate of the working group was as follows:

  • Provide a decision-making basis to the Export Council on whether the maritime industry is the next investment area after offshore wind.
  • Provide a wide range of proposals with good roots in the industry, so that the Export Council can formulate a strategic investment.
  • Gather knowledge and be both realistic and visionary.
  • Recommend concrete projects and measures.

The work has culminated in the report "More and greener maritime export", which has been submitted to the National Export Council and is now published in its entirety. The report contains recommendations on how to identify export opportunities, proposals for investment areas and how the authorities can contribute to more and greener maritime exports.