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- We are ready!

The maritime industry at Møre is ready to seize the opportunities given in the governments new ocean strategy presented this week.

Blue Maritime Cluster
- We shall seize the opportunities highlighted in the strategy and contribute to strengthen Norway as a global leader in the ocean economy. (Gunvor Ulstein, CEO, Ulstein Group)

OECD started in 2014 project "The Ocean Economy in 2030" and the maritime cluster early saw the need for a Norwegian strategy in response to this. GCE Blue Maritime sent in 2015, on behalf of the maritime cluster in Møre, a letter to the Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland, where we encouraged the government to quickly develop a comprehensive oceans strategy. During the presentation of the strategy this week, representatives from the maritime cluster expressed their satisfaction over the quick response and they look forward to follow up the strategy with concrete measures. At the end of the day the focus should be on creating value and more jobs.

- The strong ocean industry clusters in Møre have already shown great adaptability and has taken new market positions within cruise, offshore wind, fish farming and biomarin industry. Our unique expertise and culture for entrepreneurship will create new technological solutions and more jobs in the coming years. (Per Erik Dalen, CEO, GCE Blue Maritime Cluster)

Read the governments new ocean strategy "Ny vekst, stolt historie"

Read OECDs report "The ocean economy in 2030"

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