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Franske maritime bedrifter besøker Sunnmøre

Nettverkstreff Fransk maritim klynge, Business France og Fransk-norsk Handelskammer arrangerer besøk til Norge for sine maritime bedrifter i uke 47. I samarbeid med MAFOSS arrangerer GCE Blue Maritime bedriftstreff i ÅKPs Blue Innovation Arena på NMK i Ålesund og på Skaparhuset i Ulsteinvik.

Organizer: GCE Blue Maritime Cluster, Nordea og Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune
Place: NMK Ålesund (25.11.) og Skaparhuset, Ulsteinvik (26.11.)

Arrangementet er åpent og gratis for alle maritime bedrifter og Mafoss-medlemmer. 

NMK, ÅLESUND: TORSDAG 25.11. kl 09:40 
Møt ledende franske og norske maritime bedrifter på nettverkstreff!
Deltakende bedrifter kan presentere seg selv for de andre franske og norske deltakerne.
Disse møter du:  
AMBPR Autonomous Mobile Blast Paint Robot- designs, develops and commercializes autonomous robots dedicated to anticorrosion in shipyards (washing, sandblasting and painting). https://ambpr.com/en/marine-2/ 
AYRO is an industrial company that designs and delivers the Oceanwings®, a wind propulsion system for maritime transport. www.ayro.fr 

DAMSIA Oily water patented separator that produce crystal clear water (15/5ppm). Instead of trying to remove pollutants from the water,the OWE effectively removes the water from the pollutants. www.damsia.fr 

ECOSOFTEC/ OCEAMm improves combustion using a unique approach:  combustion under catalysis. It offers OCEAMm, a process using a catalytic additive, Optimizing the Combustion and Atmospheric Emissions of Marine Engines. https://www.oceamm.com/en/ 

FALCO provides a real-time Cloud platform connecting your physical marina environment to a digital ecosystem:
• Connected Boater: mobile app with customer portal & marketplace
• Connected Boat: A wireless multi-sensor device aboard + monitoring
• Connected Marina: Real-time monitoring of berths availability

 LEMMA addresses the Naval hydrodynamics problems with CFD: calm water resistance, waves transit, Seakeeping, Propulsion alignment, Ship-propeller interaction, Wind loads, Current loads, Plume analysis... https://lemma-ing.com 
NEPTECH Their electrically powered catamarans are designed for private or public passenger transport operators, tourism professionals or freight companies and can host up to 150 passengers / 20 tons of cargo. https://neptech.co/en/home/ 
NOTILO PLUS offers the Seasam solution (drone and accessories, underwater GPS) which performs autonomous inspections.  The collected data is then sent to Notilo Cloud that sends reports to the customer  analyzing  the  degree  of  fouling  and  propose  maintenance recommendations. https://seasam.notiloplus.com 
SBG SYSTEMS supplier of Innovative Inertial Sensors, combines the latest inertial sensors and GPS/GNSS  with  the  most  advanced algorithms to deliver precise roll, pitch, heading, and heave in all sea conditions. https://www.sbg-systems.com 
 SEA OWL GROUP answers maritime safety needs through:
• IPD - Intuitive Pointing Device based on reflex action, relevant for asymmetric threats context,
• Early Warning System: the VMAS – Vessel Monitoring and Alert System (for Oil & Gas platforms - wind farms - harbour protection),
• Their capacity to teleoperated vessels
EURAZEO – funding green maritime solutions 
Les mer om de franske bedriftene i denne brosjyren: https://en.calameo.com/read/0046011498cfd2811b2c8

Program Ålesund torsdag 25. november:

09:40 – 10:00


Introduction of GCE Blue Maritime Cluster

Introduction of the cluster strategy, New Blue Deal

10:00 – 10:15

Presentation of the French Maritime Booster

Presentation of the Pôle Mer International


10:15 – 11:30

French technology presentations


11:45 – 12:15

Networking Lunch



Norwegian technology presentations


13:00 – 14:45


- B2B speed-meetings between the French Delegation and members of the Blue Maritime Cluster

- Technology interaction, next step

- Group topic discussions on smart industry, safety, sustainability solutions

Program Ulsteinvik fredag 26. november:

11:40 – 12:20


merge into next session:

Networking Lunch at Skaparhuset, Ulsteinvik



Heidi NAKKEN, GCE Blue Maritime


12:00 – 12:40

French technology presentations



Norwegian technology presentations: Companies from the cluster at “Søre Sunnmøre”.



Mingling and B2B quick-meets


Påmelding til Fransk-Maritimt bedriftsbesøk

Arrangementet er åpent og gratis for alle klyngebedrifter og Mafoss-medlemmer.



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