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GCE Blue Maritime Cluster World Orderbook

Webinar We are relaunching an enhanced version of our orderbook, "GCE Blue Maritime Cluster World Orderbook". This updated orderbook will feature significant upgrades and new functionalities developed to provide a more comprehensive and valuable resource for all our members.

Organizer: GCE Blue Maritime Cluster
Place: Webinar
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Join the launch webinar on January 15th, where we will demonstrate the new features and benefits of the updated order book and provide an update on plans for the order book.

The orderbook aims to offer a detailed global overview of new builds. It is designed to be a tool for all companies within the cluster, with the capability for easy sharing internally within companies. We are continuously working on improving the user experience, including developing and implementing an improved user interface and access to additional functionalities.

Following the launch, the "GCE Blue Maritime Cluster World Orderbook" will be available exclusively to our cluster companies through a unique subscription offer. The subscription fee will support the ongoing updating and expansion of the service to meet the needs of our member companies. New expenses related to the purchase of data and especially the rights to share these necessitate the introduction of a subscription cost.

 Key Features:

  • Monthly updated Excel documents with detailed data on contracted vessels.
  • Clear pivot tables for efficient sorting and analysis. (including vessels by country, shipyard, category, contract and delivery dates, and contract value.)
  • Recurring newsletters and updates on market developments.
  • PowerBI dashboard for a more interactive and visual representation of the order book.

This offer is reserved for our cluster companies.

Price: 3900,- NOK /6 months

More Information:

Will be posted on our "Reports and publication" site.

Register your interest and contact us with any questions.



Webinar: GCE Blue Maritime Cluster World Orderbook

Registration for the webinar on the relaunch of the GCE Blue Maritime Cluster World Orderbook


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