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Industrial Design Conference 2022

Conference Designers, students, corporate managers, engineers, marketeers, communication agencies and entrepreneurs. We are inspired by the best, building networks, learn from eachother and create new colaborations across industries. The conference suits anyone that in some way relates to design and innovation.

Organizer: Momentium with partners
Place: Øygardshamna, Giske + PiR, Ålesund

The Ålesund region and surrounding area has a significant design industry and is an attractive destination for anyone working in industrial design. Proximity to shipyards, furniture factories, raw materials from the sea combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take risks have created a number of well-known brands and innovations that shape our daily lives, proven or unproven.

Industrial design is an important part of the maritime supply chain, and GCE Blue Maritime Cluster is proud sponsor of the IDC 2022!

Learn more about IDC 2022 at https://www.idcnorway.com