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Ship Technology Days

Conference The 1st International Ship Technology Days - a conference bringing maritime technology professionals together, sharing innovation processes, ideas and discussing new solutions for advanced ship technologies.

Organizer: GCE Blue Maritime, E-LASS, Ulstein Business Association
Place: Quality Hotel Ulstein, Ulsteinvik, Norway

Illustration: Kongsberg Maritime

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Day 1 - Lightweight Sessions:

08:30-09:00  Registration

09:00-09:10  Welcome. Franz Evegren RISE & Daniel Garden, GCE Blue Maritime Cluster

09:10-09:35  Hull stress monitoring system – Fast ferry application, Dr. Ing. Alf Egil Jensen, FiReCo

09:35-09:50  The GCE Maritime cluster and their focus on light blue shipping, Daniel Garden, GCE Maritime cluster

09:50-10:15  Modular construction design of a FRP catamaran design based on FIBRE4YARDS technologies. P.E. Sánchez del Corral, TSI

10:15-10:45  Coffee break and mingling

10:45-11:10  The KOFS project and fire safe surfaces. Anna Sandinge, RISE/Fire and Safety

11:10-11:35  GRP Car ferry “MF Barmen” operating experiences and updates on the “Cost-FRM” project, Knut-Inge Edvardsen, C-Dynamics

11:35-12:00  Updates from national networks: S-LÄSS, D-LASS and MariLight Network, Peter Sjögren, Tahira Ahmed, Robert Julius Glade, RISE, CompositesNL, CMT

12:00-13:00  Lunch

13:00-13:25  Keynote: Outlooks on lightweight material research for maritime transport from an EC perspective. Susanne Lanzerstorfer, European Commission

13:25-13:50  RAMSSES conclusions and plans for an IMO SDC9 submission. Matthias Krause, CMT

13:50-14:15  Light weighting of composite hydrogen storage tanks, Erwan Juin, RISE/Polymeric Materials & Composites

14:15-14:45  Coffee break & mingle

14:45-15:10  Noise and vibration reduction with vibroacoustic metamaterials. Dr. Christoph Tamm, Frauenhofer

15:10-15:35  Emission free sea rescue by the ELINN project, Magnus Wikander, RISE-SSPA

15:35-16:00  Round up and discussion. Franz Evegren, RISE

16:00-18:00  Free time until dinner at local restaurant of own choice

Day 2 - Industry Tours

We visit to some of the most cutting edge maritime companies in and around Ulsteinvik:

  • Ulstein Shipyard
  • Kongsberg
  • Servi 
  • Entec Group
  • Jets

Day 3 - Blue Technology Sessions

08:30-08:45  New Blue Deal and R&D collaboration in the cluster. Daniel Garden, GCE Blue Maritime cluster

08:45-09:05  Svein Kleven, leader of ISOL Energy & Systems, Kongsberg

09:05-09:30  Hydrodynamics: Larger foil-module appropriate for vessels from 100 – 200 meters. Audun Yrke, Wavefoil

09:30-10:00  Modern Nuclear at Sea, professor Jan Emblemsvåg, NTNU – Norw. University of Science & Technology

10:00-10:20  Coffee break and mingling

10:20-11:00  Autonomy: The MIDAS Project – Man in Future Maritime Operations. Dr. Ole Andreas Alsos, NTNU Norw. University of Science & Technology

11:00-11:30  Digitalisation: Møre Ocean Lab. Dr. Hans Petter Hildre, NTNU Norw. University of Science & Technology

11:30-12:00  Our Path towards Zero Emission, Chief Designer Øyvind Gjerde Kamsvåg, Ulstein

12:00-12:40  Lunch

12:40-13:00  Challenges in Life Cycle Asset Information Management, sales executive Njål Vikanes, Aveva

13:00-13:30  SAFETY: The Lash Fire project – Reducing the risk of fire onboard ro-ro ships, Grit Ladage (Centre of Maritime Technology, Hamburg)

13:30-13:50  Closing Remarks. Daniel Garden, GCE Blue Maritime cluster

For registration and more information:


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