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FISK 4.0

How can we use new knowledge and technology to lift the Norwegian fishing industry further? An exciting interdisciplinary consortium from Møre and Romsdal has joined forces to give the industry as a whole a real boost.

FISK 4.0 will develop knowledge and build research capacity for value creation and restructuring in the marine and maritime sectors. The project brings together partners from the fisheries and supplier industry, ship design, regional business clusters, and Møre og Romsdal county council. These must work closely with resources from research and teaching to solve common problems.

Those involved in FISK 4.0 will take a closer look at how integration, digitization and the flow of goods can provide a capacity boost for the Norwegian fishing industry. The research will also examine how interaction between biological and technological knowledge can improve production and processes on board fishing vessels, including through the use of automation and sensor technology.

Møreforsking is the project owner and, together with NTNU - Department of Ocean Operations and Construction Engineering and Møre and Romsdal County Council, will work closely with important businesses along the entire value chain. It is also the first time that all three business clusters in the county (NCE iKuben, NCE Blue Legasea and GCE Blue Maritime Cluster) are involved in one and the same project.

Project manager: Wenche Emblem Larssen in Møreforsking.