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Announcing the Blue Maritime Cluster Awards

At the annual Maritime Cluster Conference on 21st September, we're launching the first 'Blue Maritime Cluster Awards', a special recognition for the industry pioneers and dedicated members of our maritime community.

Blue Maritime Cluster

As we put the finishing touches on our program, we're excited to announce our Blue Maritime Cluster Awards. These awards recognize the significant contributions that have strengthened our position as a global maritime innovation leader and made a positive impact over the past year.

Highlighting the Importance of Innovation and collaboration in the Maritime Industry

The Blue Maritime Awards consist of two outstanding accolades:  The "Maritime Innovation of the Year" and the "Blue Maritime Cluster Award".

The "Maritime Innovation of the Year" award honours an innovative approach in technology, design discipline, or methodology that has strengthened the cluster's position as a global leader in maritime innovation. The criteria for this award include having launched the product or service within the last twelve months and being a cluster member. This award provides a platform for recognizing the groundbreaking work done by our cluster members and showcasing our commitment to leading-edge solutions.

We are excited to announce the upcoming 'Blue Maritime Cluster Awards' which will be presented at our annual Maritime Cluster Conference on 21st September. This new initiative aims to recognize and showcase the outstanding individuals and innovative forces in our maritime community. 
Daniel Garden, CEO, Blue Maritime Cluster

On the other hand, the "Blue Maritime Cluster Award" aims to recognize a person or a business that has gone above and beyond in strengthening the cluster. This award will go to those who have made extraordinary efforts in fostering collaboration and promoting the interconnection between cluster members and the maritime industry.

The Blue Maritime Awards provide a unique opportunity to honour and encourage the dedication and groundbreaking innovations that our cluster members contribute to the maritime world.

Submit Your Nominations for the Blue Maritime Awards

We need the knowledge and expertise of our cluster members to help us find the best candidates for the Blue Maritime Awards. If you know of someone, a company, or an innovation that's had a real impact on the maritime sector, we'd appreciate it if you could send in a nomination as soon as possible to gce@bluemaritimecluster.no. The deadline for nominations is 15th August. 

 In August, we'll announce both the jury panel and the nominees. The jury will take the time to review all nominations and assess each candidate's contributions.