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Exploring Energy Efficiency

The maritime industry is shifting towards less energy-dense and zero-emission fuels, which has led to a greater emphasis on finding energy-saving solutions. This year, GCE Blue Maritime Cluster has organized a series of seminars to delve into new technologies and solutions being developed to address this issue.

Blue Maritime Cluster
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The seminar series "Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Onboard" has allowed the participants to broaden their understanding of various innovative initiatives related to energy efficiency. One of the main takeaways from these seminars is the pressing need for solutions that can effectively cut down on energy consumption and the significance of collaboration in achieving this goal.

Highlights from our seminar series on Energy efficiency

Throughout the year, the series has covered various topics within the maritime industry. Here are some highlights of the insights and presentations we have experienced:

  •  We kicked off the series with Susteni, introducing attendees to energy efficiency, followed by Ulmatec Pyro, who provided more insights into heat recovery.
  •  BLUE Power Management System (PMS) by Blue Ctrl stands out as an all-encompassing power optimization tool, designed for adaptability and reliability.
  •  VARD’s ICHZERO Project aims to revolutionize energy-efficient HVAC designs specifically for SOVs, with the HVAC digital twin at its heart.
  •  The Kongsberg AUTOSHIP Initiative targets the proliferation of autonomous ships in Europe, underscoring the potential advantages in efficiency, safety, and operations.
  •  OSC AS emphasized the role of training and preparation in improving safety and efficiency. They also discussed the benefits of using simulation and digital tools to develop robust procedures and enhance communication.
  • Olympic Subsea ASA discussed different approaches to achieve efficient operations. They explained the role of various vessels designed for specific operations, and how efficiency can be improved through both purpose-built and multi-purpose vessels. We gained more understanding on aspects such as design, operation type, and equipment.
  •  Lastly, Vard Electro showcased the "Ocean Charger" project, a pioneering endeavor to enable offshore charging for service vessels.

We recently organized an all-day seminar in Fosnavåg that primarily focused on energy efficiency. We discussed how to use new environmental regulations to our advantage. As a final event, we are going to host a webinar on "Alternative Materials and Weight Optimization". This webinar is going to explore new materials and weight reduction measures that can be used for ships. This webinar will mark the end of this year's collection of activities within the energy efficiency topic.