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Exploring our year-round activities

We are pleased to announce our new photo collection, which provides an inside look at the year-round activities of GCE Blue Maritime Cluster through a collection of captivating photographs.

Blue Maritime Cluster
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Photo: Anne Marthe Vestre Berge

Our photo collection showcases the year-round activities that take place within the GCE Blue Maritime Cluster, giving a comprehensive view of our focus and activities. These photos serve as a valuable resource for all interested in learning more about the cluster. We hope that they will provide an insight into the depth and breadth of our activities aimed at promoting the maritime cluster and inspire participants in the cluster to join in on our activities and share their experiences.

1. Gain Deeper Insight: 

Gain Deeper Insight into the core of the GCE Blue Maritime Cluster's activities. Discover the people, places, and stories that drive our maritime cluster.

2. Rediscover: 

As you explore these images, rediscover your experiences alongside the GCE Blue Maritime Cluster.

3. Share your experience: 

Feel free to download these high-quality photos to share your experience.

We kindly request that you credit both the GCE Blue Maritime Cluster and the talented photographers.

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