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Fishery Conference – a great success

We recently partnered with our marine cluster NCE Blue Legasea to organize a full-day conference in Brattvåg, focused on the fishing industry.

Blue Maritime Cluster

The conference focused on market trends, technological advancements, designs, strategies for increasing profitability in fisheries, and sustainable finances. The event was highly successful, providing a great platform for industry professionals to network. Approximately 100 attendees from diverse sectors participated in the conference.

The line-up of speakers and topics presented a comprehensive view of the industry. Erwin Jaeger from MIL Shipping provided valuable insights into the global fishery market and its evolving trends, offering a macroeconomic viewpoint crucial for understanding industry shifts.

Experts from Sparebanken Møre discussed sustainable financing in the fisheries sector, emphasizing financial strategies for industry growth. The speakers included Runar Debess, Banksjef Sjømat, and Cecilie Myrstad, Leder Bærekraft.

Exploring the potential in future fishing vessels 

The conference also covered various topics related to the future of fishing vessels and the latest technological advancements in the industry. Skipsteknisk discussed the integration of new technologies into traditional practices in the fisheries sector. Ulstein presented their innovative ship design initiatives for future fishing boats.

The concept of "Fish 4.0" was explored, focusing on streamlining on-board operations through automation and digital solutions, which is essential for modern fisheries management. Maritech and Optimar showcased innovative digital solutions for quality assessment and fisheries management, highlighting their impact on operational efficiency

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The challenges and innovative advancements 

During the conference, we also got valuable insights on the challenges, and the innovative advancements used in line fishing and implementing new technologies on board from Kjetil Holmeset, shipowner of HP Holmeset. VARD's presentation focused on the shipbuilding industry, highlighting the latest trends and developments in designing vessels that meet the future needs of the fishing industry. 

When asked if I am attending Fish Expo, I reply that I live in a fisheries expo. Sunnmøre is where it all happens!

Kjetil Holmeset, HP Holmeset

Apart from the presentations, the conference attendees were given a tour of Nergård's newest trawler at Vard Brattvaag, which provided them with a hands-on experience of the latest advancements in shipbuilding. The day ended with a networking dinner at Brattvåg Fjordhotel, where they enjoyed the musical performance of Frida Sønderland Nustad, a talented young musician who is also a trainee at the Vard yard.

Overall, the conference provided valuable information on the current state and future of the fishing industry. The Fisheries Conference was a great success, showcasing both the history and future potential of the industry.