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Gold Label approval for GCE Blue Maritime

The European Cluster Excellence Initiative has awarded the cluster organisation GCE Blue Maritime Cluster with the quality label “Cluster Organisation Management Excellence Label GOLD”.

Blue Maritime Cluster

The "Cluster Management Excellence Label GOLD" acknowledges cluster organisations that demonstrate highly sophisticated cluster management and that are committed to further improve their organisational structures and routines for the benefit of an even higher performance.

This is an important recognition and a seal of quality for the work we do. This certification will make it easier to partner up with the major industrial clusters in the EU, says Per Erik Dalen in GCE Blue Maritime Cluster.

In order to qualify for the "Cluster Management Excellence Label GOLD" cluster management organisations need to meet certain "levels of excellence" in terms of structure of the cluster, governance, financing, strategy and services and recognition. In the course of a two-day thorough assessment conducted by two neutral cluster analysis experts 31 indicators are assessed. The assessment scheme was developed by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI initiated by the European Commission.

The objective of the scheme is not only to identify the best cluster management organisations in Europe, but also support the cluster management organisations with advice in the course of the assessment on how to further improve.

The GCE Blue Maritime Cluster is one of only 78 clusters from 16 countries who have the status of "Gold Label".