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Highlights from our Maritime Nuclear Power Seminar

This week, we hosted our third seminar on maritime nuclear power, which brought together key Norwegian and international players to discuss the most recent updates of nuclear power in the commercial maritime industry.

Blue Maritime Cluster

The focus was also on its potential role in the green maritime transition in the maritime sector.

The seminar provided insights into the potential and challenges of using Nuclear Power in Norway and what can be done to speed up the process. We also got an update on some relevant Norwegian projects related to maritime nuclear power. Additionally, the seminar offered a worldwide perspective on the latest developments and regulatory modifications, emphasizing the international importance and scope of the topic.



Regulatory and political developments

The first part of the seminar featured a comprehensive review of the global status of maritime nuclear power. Notable contributors included Lloyds Register, offering deep insights from their global experience, and Norsk Kjernekraft's Håvard Kristiansen, who spoke about commercializing nuclear power in Norway.

DNV's Eirik Ovrum presented their forecast for 2050, analyzing the role of nuclear propulsion in the green maritime transition. The study suggests that nuclear propulsion, from a mid-and long-term perspective, can play a valuable role in the green maritime transition.


GCE Blue Maritime Cluster brought together a diverse group of international participants, making it an engaging and interesting day to be part of.

Jan Emblemsvåg, professor at NTNU, leading the Nuproship project 

International Contributions and Future Prospects

During the second part of the seminar, various domestic and international projects were discussed. The highlights of this session included Jan Emblemsvåg from NTNU Ålesund speaking about the Nuproship project, as well as an upcoming international nuclear conference in Ålesund. Øyvind Kamsvåg from Ulstein also shared his insights on the development of Thor and other nuclear concepts that have the potential to change the international shipping industry. 

Digital contributions were made by Core Power and Lucid Catalysts. Tobi Meniez and Chirayu Batra discussed advancements in nuclear energy technologies and strategies for decarbonization and clean energy access.