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Massive interest in Maritime Cyber Security

Over 100 people attended the seminar on data Security witch was recently held at Campus Ålesund. Download presentations.

Blue Maritime Cluster

Speakers from PST, Rolls-Royce Marine and leading researchers showed through practical examples how vulnerable businesses and individuals can be for computer crime. According to the presenters, this is a growing problem.

We have never had greater data security challenges. We must in Norway take seriously.

Sofie Nystrøm, Head of the Center for Cyber and Information Security (CCIS)

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), whose mission is to protect the nation, and Norwegian businesses against hostile state initiated espionage, was very clear that Norway is subjected to extensive intelligence activities from other countries. Companies and employees should take precautions and protect themselves against these threats. This applies both in relation to data security, but also the physical security of buildings and infrastructure and security procedures in relations with traveling abroad.

The industry is vulnerable to cybercrime. For businesses, it is important to use enough resources so that they are not attacked

Åge Stiklestad, Norwegian Police Security Service (PST)

To build a sound safety culture begins with the individual employee. Corporate employees are always the first and best defense row in the fight against the cyber-criminals. GCE Blue Maritime has for several years focused on cyber security through seminars with PST and information to companies in the cluster.

Download the presentations from the cyber security seminar