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New development project for SME's

GCE Blue Maritime Cluster invites small and medium sized companies to participate in a new development project. The aim is to strengthen the competitiveness and profitability for each company

Blue Maritime Cluster

In periods of declining demand and increased competition the need for new thinking and innovation is reinforced. For many companies it can be demanding to go into the development process while meeting the end daily operations.
For strengthen businesses in the face of the current market challenge's GCE Blue Maritime Cluster, in cooperation with the MRB as professional supplier, established an innovation project where ma look is to strengthen each company's expertise, ensure its competitiveness and increase payroll operations.
The project will:

* Clarify the individual company's potential for further development
* Identify new business opportunities in or outside the oceans
* Identify and facilitate new innovation projects and co-working opportunities between companies

The aim is a further development of new business models and identify potential for synergies and efficiency. The goal is to initiating development projects to ensure that maritime engagement and expertise is contained when the market turns.

Møre og Romsdal County Council has prioritized the project high, financing of 50 percent of project costs. The project is facilitated by GCE Blue Maritime Cluster in collaboration with MRB two environments with heavy expertise, long experience and extensive network in the region. Participation fee is only 20.000 NOK per business.

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