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New intern at GCE Blue Maritime Cluster

This fellow, Andreas Nystøl, has been hired as our new intern the maritime cluster.

Blue Maritime Cluster

– Andreas Nystøl will follow our work for the maritime cluster, participate in the strategy activities regarding the New Blue Deal and learn about the maritime industry, explains Daniel Garden, Head of Cluster. 

– We are looking forward to be having such an ambitious student as Andreas is, on our team. It is important to the GCE Blue Maritime cluster to tighten strings to academia, industry and the governmental instruments and funds. Having intern students is an important way of contributing to the future recruitment of the maritime industry, Mr. Garden adds. 

Andreas Nystøl himself is no novice around maritime subjcts, as he is a 2nd year student at the Shipping Management bachelor's program at NTNU.

– This is a program where we obtain indepth knowledge and insight in the unique maritime competence that has made the Northwestern region of Norway to such a world leading industry. I am also taking a bechelor in business administration, hold an apprentice's degree and work for Equinor. At Equinor I work as a control room operator on an oil platform and am in my fifth year with the company. Due to my studies, I have resigned from my Equinor job from New Year's. An internship for the cluster administration is just a perfect addition to spend my time with, says Andreas.

Curious and Ambutious

– My motivation for joining the everyday work at the GCE Blue Maritime cluster, is my passion for the maritime industry where I am seeking insight in problems and possibilities and how the maritime cluster in Møre is governed, constructed and developed. I also believe that an increased understanding of this, will add to my candidate for an apprenticeship and a place to do my bachelor's thesis later. And at the same time will bring a direct value to my studies. In addition this is a great chance for me to build a diverse and inspiring network, Andreas says.

He would like both hands on tasks and responsibilities, which Daniel Garden can ensure him he will get.
– We have more than a handfull for him to start working at, so I am sure we will be able to put him to good use.