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Snur det i olja?

Norwep og GCE Blue Maritime presenterer en markedsoppdatering på olje- og gassmarkedet. Med Rystads årlige offshorerapport. Ingen deltakeravgift

Blue Maritime Cluster
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Rystad will present their Annual Offshore Report for 2019-2022, and our new director Knut Erik Steen will provide an update on the technology overlap between renewable and oil and gas. The seminar will also explore opportunities in the UK, as energy advisor Roger Swaine will review priority projects there, and Oddmar Johannesen from Norwep will take us through opportunities in UK Brownfields and decom.


3. October 2018, Campus Ålesund, ÅKP Blue Innovation Area. No participation fees. 

11:00                  Lunch

11:30                  Welcome and Introduction - Per Erik Dalen, CEO, ÅKP

11:40                  Rystad Annual Offshore market report - Magnus Kjemphol Lohne, Rystad

12.40                  UK London Engineering hub and UK projects  Roger Swaine, Energy Advisor UK 

13:10                  Short break

13:25                  UK Brownfield and decom opportunities   Oddmar Johannesen, Director, Norwep 

13:40                  Technology overlap between renewable and O&G  - Knut Erik Steen, Director, Norwep 

13:55                  Benefits of Norwep partnership - Werner Karlsson, Director, Norwep 

14:15                  Meeting adjourned