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Workshop on Life Extensions of Offshore Assets (SFI LEO)

We recently hosted an engaging innovation workshop in Ålesund on an exciting new initiative, "Center for Research-Based Innovations for Life Extensions of Offshore Assets" ("SFI LEO"), a collaboration between NTNU, University in Agder, and NORCE Norwegian Research Center.

Blue Maritime Cluster

This initiative will submit a proposal to the Research Council this autumn. 

 Through SFI LEO, the aim is to unite national and international research environments with industry leaders to tackle pressing industry challenges and advance cutting-edge technologies in offshore asset management.

Most people agree that the life extension of vessels and offshore assets makes sense, but establishing a functioning methodology requires not only new technology but also new regulations and business models.
This is not a task that every company can or should handle on its own. It requires cooperation throughout the entire value chain, from large energy companies to smaller maritime sub-suppliers. These are the kinds of projects that our cluster finds interesting to get involved in.

Knut Tore Aurdal, Head of Projects GCE Blue Maritime Cluster


Highlights from the Workshop

The workshop started with an introduction to SFI LEO by Geir Grasmo, from the University of Agder and Hans Petter Hildre, from NTNU. Followed by insights from Andre Ellefsen from Dipai, Terje Rølvåg, Houxiang Zhang, Robert Skulstad, and Vilmar Æsøy from NTNU. The workshop then continued in groups, working together to shape the future of SFI LEO.



SFI LEO has the ambition to become a Center for Research-based Innovation for Life Extensions of Offshore Assets, a joint effort among NTNU Ålesund, the University in Agder, and Norse. The center will address challenges across offshore operations and lifespan extensions in oil and gas, offshore wind, aquaculture, maritime, and other marine industries.

The goals of SFI LEO are to reduce Costs and Enhance Sustainability Through improved availability and uptime, expanded operational windows, and safe lifespan extensions. It is also a goal to extend the lifespan of equipment and ship systems, ensuring efficient operation and minimal maintenance costs. Our approach includes instrumenting systems, developing digital twins, and utilizing AI for predictive maintenance.


Learn more about the SFI LEO here 

or contact Hans Petter Hildre at NTNU or Knut Tore Aurdal at GCE Blue Maritime Cluster