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Blue Maritime Cluster

Who can become a cluster member?

The cluster participants primarily consist of organizations from the maritime community, including corporations, entrepreneurs, research communities, authorities, public entities, and risk capital, but the steering committee may also allow other organizations whose work is closely linked to the maritime industry.

Cluster Contract

Membership is based on accepting the terms in the GCE Blue Maritime's Cluster Contract:

Participant's Fee

Here are the fees for 2024:

Skjermbilde 2022-02-01 kl. 12.08.38.png

*Start-ups: 0-3 years from public registration
**Corporations: full corporation revenue will include all employees from daughter companies. If registering only a daughter company, only the employees from this organisation will be regarded as members.

GCE Blue Maritime's Statues

GCE Blue Maritime's Statues (in Norwegian only).

How to become a cluster member

If your company wishes to become a member, please send a request using the form below. The cluster administration will prepare a contract and send it to you for your signature. Please include your logo so that we can display it in the Participants Section and other promotional material.

For more information regarding cluster membership, please contact

Juuni Elisabeth Vatne, Head of Marketing, +47 47 27 33 23 / juuni.vatne@bluemaritimecluster.no

Knut Tore Aurdal, Head of Projects, +47 48 10 66 76 / knut.tore.aurdal@bluemaritimecluster.no

Register for cluster participation

Please fill in the form below to ensure we get your details right. The cluster contract will be sent later to your email address for your signature.



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