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Kick off - Executive short programs

GCE Blue Maritime members have now access to nine tailormade executive short programs in brand management, internationalization, digitization and new business models. Starting this spring.

Blue Maritime Cluster
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The competence project "Global Branding and Business Model Innovation" aim is to develop companies and their key resources in cooperation with academic resources and ensure a unique competence in brand management, internationalization, digitalization, and new business models. The project is operated by the furniture cluster Norwegian Rooms in cooperation with the GCE Blue Maritime and Blue Legasea Clusters.

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A global competitive advantage

The need for downstream innovation challenges companies to develop new business models, which can provide new, strong international competitive advantages. Even leading industrial companies are experiencing a need for competence in this area. The project will also help companies achieve increased international growth by developing new markets, new business models and optimized supply chains, through learning across various industries.

Executive short programs

We will offer a menu of various themes, with a duration 1-3 days, that will cover a large and attractive field for companies. NTNU and NHH will be in charge of the short programs

Kick off program

29. March, Campus Ålesund, Borgundveien 340, Ålesund

09:15: Welcome

09:30: Introduction to the program and how three clusters creates common expertise.

10:00: Information about new Master's in progress, and which will be continued in 2017/18.

NHH in cooperation with clusters developed a new study that deals with several topics under the title "Global Branding and Business Model Innovation". Meet representatives from NHH and NTNU will contribute into the study, and get a taste of the themes that the study takes into collection-based lectures.

11:00: Presentation of the short programs and the topics that will be in focus.

12:00: Lunch

13:00: Guest lecture on topics

14:00: Conference end

Information about some of the courses