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Competence and Knowledge


International Winners

A program for increasing the commercial force of the cluster.

Our export share is north of 50%, with some categories exceeding 70%. The government's target of a 50% increase in Norwegian maritime mainland exports by 2030 harmonizes well with the cluster's New Blue Deal strategy, which is all about using our leading position internationally as a supplier of new maritime innovations to deal with new green maritime solutions.

Through systematic training and updating of the cluster's companies about new and existing markets and their development, we will build robust sales and marketing corps that are equipped for international competition.

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Technology Development

The green innovations that shipping now needs must still be developed, refined and commercialized. Professional development moves quickly and our companies must keep up and obtain the latest skills in order to be able to initiate innovation work in their own company that will hit markets willing to pay for it.
Ships that will use alternative energy carriers will have to deal with a lower available amount of energy brought from shore. Therefore, we must develop solutions that make the ships use less energy.
We work according to a technological strategy for greener maritime solutions where we anchor the choice of theme for our expertise projects.


General Blue Competence

R&D work must be continuously improved, updated and new knowledge must be disseminated and experiences exchanged. Market data and analysis must be shared and discussed.
The current level of competence is being challenged daily by market and technology developments. The Norwegian maritime cluster must increase their commitment in international maritime innovation efforts.

By creating sharing arenas for R&D in Norwegian and foreign R&D communities, for maritime business managers, for sales and marketing personnel, for designers and engineers etc., we will facilitate controlled sharing processes where the work from various maritime R&D projects, market knowledge and methodology is shared and discussed.