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Network Meet

NETWORKING EVENT: The market network Norwegian Cruise & Ferry Group invites members and other interested to a seminar and discussions.

Blue Maritime Cluster

10:00-10:10    Opening – Marta Hauge, steering committee
10:10-10:40    Newbuilding market movements and joint purchase of reports – TBA
10:40-11:00    The GCE cruise/ferry activities in 2022 – Daniel Garden, GCE/steering committe
11:00-12:00    Sustainability in cruise building and operations:
                             Havila Kystruten – Sandra Ness
                             MSC Cruises – Michele Francioni (video link)
                             more speakers to be announced
12:00-12:40     Lunch
12:40-13:30     Network direction – workshop/discussions – Jan Tore Leikanger, steering committee
13:30-13:50     Network financing – Erlend Rødal, ÅKP
13:50-14:10     How do we use the network? Discussion – Per Kristian Urkedal, steering committee

Network Meet: Norwegian Cruise & Ferry Group 24. March 22

REPRESENTATIVES ELIGIBLE TO REGISTER: - Companies in the Norwegian Cruise & Ferry Group - GCE Blue Maritime Cluster companies or ÅKP Partners - Other companies with interest in the cruise & ferry segments (shipbuilding/owners) - Other companies with ambition to become a member in either GCE BM or NCFG